Tuesday, December 23, 2008

NEW FEATURE: Ghost Posts

Hey gang,

Tomorrow I am going to Peru. It is going to be awesome.

In the next three weeks, you may occasionally see special Bac-Log "Ghost Posts", which are posts that I have prepared ahead of time and scheduled for publishing at certain dates. I like to think that I'll have time and opportunity to make some real posts that document my awesome adventures, but I'll probably be too busy laying on the beach or eating cerviche like I promised the UW Travel Health clinic I wouldn't. So don't hold your breath (unless you are going underwater).

See you later, suckers.


Kyle said...

Whoa -- your first ghost post already hit google reader, but blogger doesn't know about it. Crazy! Google knows the future!

Grant said...

oh yeah, I think that's because I screwed up on the date and had to delete one. but really, if anyone knows the future, I bet it'd be google..