Friday, April 18, 2008

BABE Rally Team Name CHALLENGE!!

Question: Have you ever had what seems like a really great idea when you're drunk but then it turns out that your idea requires wasting several hours at work when you actually have things to do and also your fingers are sore from copy-and-pasting in order to make 32 separate polls on Blogger? Just wondering.


After diligently collecting suggested team names for our BABE Rally team, I had the stupid AWESOME idea to decide the final team name based on a NCAA -tourney style bracket. That's right, folks: Gather all of your work-mates around the water cooler and prepare to waste some time voting on a single-elimination team-naming challenge!!

Please vote now on the 32 match-ups on the sidebar of this blog. Full bracket is here. If you are really hardcore, you can download and fill out your own bracket and email it to me. The winner of the best bracket will win a free trip in our sweet-ass $1 Honda Civic (now running!) to go get ice cream!!

Tell all of your friends and coworkers to vote. First round voting ends at noon PST (two hours from now) Next round will be posted shortly thereafter.


UPDATE: I reset the poll-closing time to 1PM (PST) to give you all an extra hour to vote!

1 comment:

Ian King said...

I got $2 that says this comes down to There Will Be Bacon Vs. No Bacon for Old Men. Personally, I think the Coen brothers deserve it more.