Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Babe Rally Team Name CHAMPIONSHIP!

This is it.

If you feel a charged quiver in your feet it is the very Earth itself beginning to shudder with excitement at this engagement of unassailable fortresses of name-itude vying for ultimate team-name supremacy. As these two stalwart engines of team-name resplendence lock horns amidst a cataclysmic fury of mutual destruction, we mere mortals are treated to bask in the radiance of their endless glory.

This. Is. IT.

I present to you the BABE Rally Team Name CHAMPIONSHIP!! 64 teams have been boiled and reduced down into a 2-team soup-base of pure awesomeness. These two remaining names have survived five grueling rounds of grinding competition under the hungry, searching eyes of millions* of astonished and terrified onlookers. These two teams stride now into the teeth of the Championship Round, but only one will walk out alive.

On one side we have Clap Your Hands Say Bacon, fresh off the merciless obliteration of this year's Cinderella story, Goingly Challenged, who shocked the world by taking down Final-Four favorite, Manwich. On the other side we have the well-balanced attack of There Will Be Bacon limping into the final round after narrowly edging this year's Rumpelstiltskin story, Dream Unicorn Sparkle Sparkle Squad. Two worthy opponents whose ultimate fate is in your hands.

Vote now on the sidebar. Tell the person next to you to vote. Tell all of your coworkers to vote. Tell your entire family to vote. Email your favorite teacher from elementary school and tell them to vote. Call an old lover and say you're sorry and ask if they'd like to get coffee sometime and also tell them to vote. Tell your barista to vote. Tell the crazy guy at the bus stop to vote. Call your Grandma for once and thank her for the sweater she made you for Christmas and promise to call her more and then tell her to vote. Rent a megaphone and crawl onto the roof of the tallest building near you and spread the word to vote. Borrow an Ouija board and contact your dead great-aunt and tell her to haunt the body of your least favorite sibling in order to vote. Tell your pet turtle or ferret to vote. THIS IS THAT IMPORTANT. This is the most important thing you will do today... no... this year... no... EVER.

You have until 10:00AM (PST) tomorrow to secure your immortality as a Voter in the annals of BABE Rally Team Name CHALLENGE lore. This is something you will be proud to tell your children about.

And.... GO!

UPDATE: Surrendering easily to the demands of people who want to know what the hell is going on here, here is an explanation of what this rally is all about and here is an introduction to the tournament.



bdoepker said...

This is potentially the most important election that is going on today, Tuesday, the 22nd of April.

Tricia said...

And my god this is more intense than the 2000 elections!

Anonymous said...

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