Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Peru is awesome

Okay, so I knew Peru was going to be fun, but so far it has completely decimated my previous definition of fun and replaced it with a more extreme, exciting, and shiny version of fun.

  • CRAZY CABLE CAR! We crossed a class 5 river in a ricketty basket on a cable by pulling ourselves along with ropes. We were told by the trek company that we wouldn´t be doing this because I guess people die on it (not that surprised), but our trek guide, Juan Carlos, was THE BEST.
  • 4 hours of (mostly) downhill mountain biking in the pouring rain.
  • Hiking up to Maccu Picchu, hiking up the mountain next to Maccu Picchu to get an ariel view, and then hiking down the back-side to visit some totally off-the-radar ruins in the jungle.
  • I broke every rule at Maccu Picchu except the No Smoking rule.
  • There was this one bathroom that had a lightswitch with exposed wires in the shower!
  • Groundscore mangos, avocados, and tangerines.
  • Way too much other awesome stuff to tell now without pictures (no SD reader at this computer).
  • Also, internet is about $.30/hour. ¡Awesome!
  • Also, check out all of these awesome characters on this keyboard: ñ窿¬º. They are where I expect other buttons to be. It is fun.

  • Hundreds and hundreds of bug bites.
  • I totally messed up my knee in the jungle, and then hiked for about 10 hours on a wonky knee yesterday, and now can barely walk. One of our new friends has some codeine, though, so that should be awesome.
Sara and I are back in Cusco. We hope to meet up with some new friends this afternoon, or maybe see if we can catch a flight to the Amazon tonight.



Kyle said...

Re: Bullet point 7

That's what she said.

bugeyerita said...

Ok, still alive at least for now so I do not have to avenge death. Although, I may have to smack you upside the head for the knee thing. I am so glad that you did not break the No Smoking rule, Mom does have some limits. More and more fun to you