Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NEW FEATURE: Call For Fan Fiction

YES! Here is a NEW [off-topic] FEATURE: A desperate call for nerdy bit-character fan-fiction! Today's subject is the hilariously adorable Pessimistic Rotund Orc Engineer from the extended edition of The Two Towers:

I'm not sure why I put the movie in last night (I only made it about half an hour before deciding to watch the inside of my eyelids instead), but I'm glad I did because I had totally never noticed this little gem of a bit character before. Here is the dialog that ensues between Saruman and little P.R.O.E.

Saruman: I want them armed and ready to march within two weeks.
PROE: [in a thick British accent] But my Lord, there's too many of them, they cannot all be armed in time! We don't have the means!
Saruman: Build a damn, block the stream, work the furnaces night and day!
PROE: [doing some quick calcs on his graphing calculator made out of human bones] We don't have enough fuel to feed the fires!
Saruman: The Forest of Fangorn lies on our doorstep... burn it.
PROE: Yes.

ha ha ha ha, I don't know why this cracks me up so much, but I really want to learn more about this stumpish little geek monster. Maybe someone could write a story about his college days at a midwest engineering school when he and a rag-tag band of nerdy misfits totally pull one over on the power-hungry totalitarian dean. And then he eats all of the other students.

Actually, you know who he reminds me of:

Perhaps pessimism is heavily encouraged in thick-accented, rotund engineering school.

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