Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The "Olympic"

This is another "Walk Down Memory Lane" post that I am using to make my blog appear bigger. It is an epic tale of that one time last year that Kyle, Ian, and I went to Ian's remote mountain fortress and thought that we invented the awesomest food item ever, the bacon-wrapped hot dog. It turns out that we were the last three people on earth that didn't know this already existed, and that's probably what drew us together as friends. I bet bacon-wrapped-hot-dog ignorance is a powerful pheromone. We called our "invention" The Olympic, because we were in the long shadows of the Olympic mountain range. Here are some action shots of The Olympic being created in Ian's mountain laboratory:

YUM! We were about 90% sure we would be millionaires within months of our return from Ian's secret mountain stronghold, and there's still a chance. One of us could get hit by a truck and get a lawsuit.


Courtney said...

i cant believe no one has commented on that hair you are sporting there. It is totally tubular!

Grant said...

Actually, that's Ian with the long, flowing locks of beautiful golden hair. I was behind the "camera" [old cell phone] documenting our important contribution to bacon-wrapped science.