Friday, February 1, 2008

NEW FEATURE: Gmail sponsored links

When I first got my gmail account way back in the deeps of time, before even history was invented (sometime in 2004, I think), everyone's big thing (read: JEALOUSY) was that Google would read your emails in order to target advertising at you! Nothing is private! GOOGLE WILL OWN YOUR THOUGHTS AND DREAMS! Well, here was my sponsored link today:
Keep Pork off Your Fork - - Check out our list of the Top 10 reasons not to eat pigs.
GOOGLE! YOU KNOW ME SO WELL! This isn't quite as good as the "keeper menstrual cup" ad from the other day (that I still don't know anything about and am afraid to investigate further), but it's right up there. Also, I get a lot of government grant ads because a lot of my emails contain the word "grant", probably because that is my parent-given "handle" which I use to sign off things like emails and phone calls and tax returns and stuff.

Also, every time I go to my spam folder and then back to my inbox the sponsored link is for a spam recipe! Ha ha ha! Google just poached a relevant keyword off of itself!! I wonder if I could buy a sponsored link that contains the word "inbox".

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