Friday, February 1, 2008

WHAAAA?! Meat-case

Another WHAAAA via Dethroner, the MEAT-CASE!!!

I am ASHAMED at how rustic and unlearned my meat transportation ways are, now that I have seen the meat conveyance techniques of the meat aristocracy (meatocracy? aristocrameat?)

Oh, how handy this would be! I can't count the number of times I've had a meatmergency on the road, or at work, where this would have saved countless whines and general meatless discomfort. Also, I bet cleaning this thing is REALLY FUN. I wonder if there will be different sizes available at some point? I'd like to have this larger meatmergency kit in my home, but it would be nice to have a glove-box sized case for roadmeatmergencies.

I know it's early and not all votes are counted, but I feel confident in awarding this product the "1th place" trophy for "meat product most likely to cure cancer"

Congratulations, meatcase!!

Also, this quote is really awesome
“I’m not a terrorist. I just get really hungry for meat when I’m in the air.”
Ha ha ha ha ha

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