Monday, February 4, 2008


Man, I totally meant to take pictures of the awesome spread from yesterday's Superbowl party, but FAILED. *SIGH*. So instead I will have to recreate the majesty from memory, which was gradually saturated with 4 or 5 beers.

  • Kyle H and Meghan provided many-layered dip (it may have been 9-layered if he took my advice to include a layer of tears).
  • Kyle S provided the best fucking chili I've ever had.
  • Courtney provided the majestic bacon-wrapped lil' smokies.
  • Vikram made some awesome nachos.
  • Lisa made some awesome fried eggplant and some delicious chicken stuff.
  • Brian G rolled with some kick-ass spanish rice.
  • I don't really remember what Adrienne and Reid brought, but it was probably delicious.
  • Julie stopped by just long enough to deposit some chocolate-covered rice treats that I totally binged on something horrible.
  • Who made that chive-y artichoke dip in the breadbowl? That was freaking delicious.
  • I think Other Brian brought the seasoned french-bread stuff, which was awesome. Or maybe that was what Reid and Adrienne brought, and Other Brian brought the chicken stuff? Who knows. All I know is that there was not enough room in my stomach.
  • And I brought a plate of brownies, of which I tested many before contributing.

All in all, it was AWESOME. I probably ate too much bread with the artichoke spread and lil' smokies which led to inefficiency with the other items, but I got a taste of everything at least. I could really go for another shot at that awesome Texas chili and some more of BRG's spanish rice right about now. Also, I just couldn't stop eating those chocolate covered rice krispy treats.

Also, I had a go at this beer called Miller Chill, which has a lime-y taste built in:

Also it is apparently "Chelada-style", and I have no idea what that means. Is it like some sort of enchilada? What the hell? Even after 4 Rainier's it was a little much at first, but toward the end I think I started to warm up to it. I felt I had to try it in order to continue my fun-making of those others who were drinking it.

There should be a Superbowl food party EVERY SUNDAY.

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Courtney said...

I think Lisa made that artichike dip... so good! Note to all of you readers of Grant's blog: Find a roomate that likes to cook and who is an awesome cook.

And Reid and Adrienne brought bruschetta, but I was already so full by the time they showed up. It looked good though.