Thursday, May 8, 2008

[restless murmuring] Bacon Links! [rapt attention]

Attention please! Today's Bacon Links:

Just A Humongous Bucket Of Eggs And Meat
Best. Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Ever.
Guys Love Bacon
Bacon Fleece (Thanks Laurel!)
Dark Chocolate And Bacon Cupcakes (Laurel... AGAIN)
How Bacon Is Made (yep... Laurel.)
Battle of the Bacon Dogs
Operation Bacon Salt
Stove Ownership (tons of people sent this to me - thanks everyone!)
Clown Face in Lunch Meat! [50% horrifying, 50% delightful, 100% "horlightifying"]
Adorable Robot Makes Breakfast! (Thanks Kyle)
High Res Baconburger (Thanks Jon!!)

Keep the bacon river flowing, people. Meat on.

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