Friday, July 18, 2008


Check out this animation I made of my friend BRG enjoying a bacon martini:

I think probably the best way to enjoy this is to clear your calendar, pull up a big comfy chair, and watch this for a few hours accompanied by some African drumming.

Unfortunately, the two source photos were not oriented the same way so I had to cut them down to squares. This is sad because it cuts out Meghan's priceless expression from the first picture:

That expression can only say, "this is probably the last time I will look at you with a functioning heart, but I will know it is how you wanted it to be."

Also, since evidently this has devolved into "share random photos day", check out this amazingly accurate picture of me and my friend Courtney (who I guess I have been picking on a lot recently because she moved to Sweden so I can't make fun of her in person anymore):


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noisy penguin said...

Please to be telling me more about this bacon-tini.