Friday, February 6, 2009

New year's resolutions

Okay gang, here are Bac-log's official New Year's Resolutions:

1. Set reasonable goals that will give a sense of accomplishment when fulfilled.
2. Pretend February 6th is New Years.
3. Post shorter posts but more regularly. Include more posts of unicorns and/or Neverending Story references.

4. Reward yourself for posting with ramen and cupcakes.
5. Accomplish exactly 3 goals today.
[GOAL ACCOMPL... crap.. wait!... crap. ugh.]
6. Convince Live Girls! Theater to have a unicorn and/or Neverending Story-themed cabaret like I keep suggesting in meetings but everyone just thinks I'm joking. COME ON IT WOULD BE HILARIOUS AND I WOULD TOTALLY GO!


noisy penguin said...

I would like some ramen and cupcakes please. Hold the ramen.

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