Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nature's gold

Check out what Admiral Heenkypants and I found while we were treasure hunting the other day:

IT IS A SWEEPY WITTLE BUMBLEBEE! Awww! It kept trying to fly off but it was so sleepy that it would only make it about 6 inches or so at a time. Then it would just kind of hang out for a few minutes as if to say, "I totally meant to fly into the ground, guys." It was the best! In fact, I think that we can all agree that sleepy bumblebees would be nature's gold if actual gold wasn't already nature's gold.

Speaking of gold, check out this treasure we buried several years ago totally discovered with our amazing treasure huntin' skillz:

I think the best part of treasure hunting for the endless riches and glory that is the box of shiny and/or expendable stuff that we buried for some reason in college is rediscovering all of the stuff we forgot about, like a bottle cap good for a free 20oz Coke, and a mysterious black button, and a weird broken butterfly thing, and about $2.00 in pennies. And then we completed the sacred treasure cycle by burying some Victory Thai Food treasure in our tummies.

There are some more pictures of our surprising success here.

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