Tuesday, January 6, 2009

UPDATE: Peru is still awesome

Quick update:

I just got back from the Amazon jungle, where I swam in the river with dolphins, caught and ate piranha with some chicken on a stick, camped in the jungle, caught and held an adorable little sloth (as the name suggests, they are very easy to catch once you get them out of the tree), saw some tarantulas, ate some weird caterpillars and termites, and swam across a piranha infested river. It was the best! Now we are trying to figure out how to get to Mancora or Ica without staying in Lima again.

Also, Iquitos (the town we flew into to get to the jungle) is hilariously awesome. I can`t wait to upload some pictures! The town is totally infested with these vehicles called moto-taxis, which are like carts attached to motorcycles, and driven by maniacs. So awesome.

End update.


Tricia said...

Ahh Piranas?!?!?! What do they taste like? i'm so glad you got the chance to defy death on that bridge thing. your adventures sound fabulous, can't wait to see pictures!

bugeyerita said...

I really try to only nag about the little things, "What, you are still wearing those shoes" kind of thing. But really "What Were You Thinking" swimming in Amazonian waters, have you heard nothing of fevers, parasites, worms. Hypochondria by proxy is setting in. I think I am going numb in my middle finger