Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"a very good video done on a train.. "

So check out this email from Vik, the Permanently Interim Patron Saint of Bac-log:
Speaking of being filled with song, if any of you have wondered what my wedding will be like:


PLEASE DON'T BE KIDDING, VIK! I will practice the dance moves every day just in case you are serious, even the weird headbanging one that just gave me a headache. No pain no gain.


Heidi said...

As you know, the internet is a race, and I believe I've already won this heat. I actually think I've seen this video before. But, thanks for reminding me how awesome Indian transportation really is.

hill said...

not at all relevant to this post but, you needed to be informed of the existence of this article/recipe.


also, i'm glad peru was such fun, you pretty much did my dream peru vacay. with any luck that'll be my trip in a few years

Courtney said...

Dude, i figured these posts would be filled with girls begging Vik to marry them in order to get that dream wedding! I would totally marry Vik just to make all my friends dance like that!

Grant said...

That's the right kind of attitude, Courtney! Hurry up, though, because what if all of the good trains sell out?

It is truly a blessed union that exists solely to make your friends dance on a train. If you ever have marital problems, you can always pull out the video of your wedding. I'm sure whatever problem you are having will seem petty and inconsequential compared to the beauty you gave to the world.

Vikram said...

Apparently the number of girls who want to get married dancing on top of a train has been greatly exaggerated...