Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NEW FEATURE: free-for-all of facts

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Although it was an exciting and emotional week, time did not stop for BABE Rally Team Name Challenge. While we were white-knuckled and on the edge of our seats in anticipation of finally deciding a team name for my lazy and non-committal rally team, some other parts of the world slogged on, as if they were unaware of these epic battles tearing and splitting the earth with their maniacal fury. Dedicated to providing my readers with breaking news, valuable commentary, opportunities for future research, and ways to exercise their minds, I feel that a special catch-up post is necessary. I was going to call it "Quick Hits™" because it seems kind of edgy and cool (two words I have hitherto been unable to apply to this blog), but then I wasn't sure if putting the trademark symbol next to a common phrase carries any sort of legal weight, and then after I thought about this a while I got bored of it anyway.

On to the Free-for-All of Facts:

FACT: Kyle S pointed me to this article about rising food costs affecting the price of my delicious, delicious pizza. Here is the relevant bit [emphasis mine]:
Most restaurants have been hit hard by rising ingredient costs, as have consumers at the grocery store. The cost of grocery store food increased about 5 percent in the last year, with nearly every type of food going up except for a few items like oranges, bacon and lettuce.
Most of you probably immediately thought, "I am sad for my pizza, but thank God the Baco is safe!" I did too, and I'm extremely proud that the Baco can help people inflation-proof their food portfolio.

FACT: Speaking of inflation-proofing and portfolios and other economic-y stuff, I discovered that I am under constant surveillance by the Motley Fool. Here is the RSS header for this article:
Wealth is not all beer and Skittles.
Two things: 1) Wrong. 2) WHY ARE YOU SPYING ON ME, MOTLEY FOOL?! This is my exact diet whenever I am working at LG Theater. I haven't felt so paranoid since this article broke the very day after Colin and I invented the penny washer because we were too lazy to go to the store.

FACT: Look how much I'm worth in the sack:
SPECIAL PROMO CODE: mention "bac-log" for 25% off.

FACT: According to his ROFLCon bio, Brad Neely is working on a comedy novel about the American Civil War. This is really exciting news to me being that about half of the random stuff I say is influenced by [read: directly stolen from] Wizard People, Dear Readers.


Also, click here.

FACT: Crap, back to work.

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