Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bacon Spacesuit

Kyle S pointed me to this comic. Instead of a rigorous review, I'm just going to bullet-point the important highlights. Think of this as a Cliff's Notes guide to this comic:
  • Bacon spacesuit
  • Bacon spacesuit is self-defense against pandas
  • "Brent Sienna and his Amazing Nitrate-Free Porknicolor Dreamcoat"
  • Porknicolor
  • Porknicolor
  • Concept/Script by Wesley Crusher
  • Even creepy anthropomorphic pigs enjoy binging on bacon
  • Porknicolor
  • Wesley Crusher
  • Bacon spacesuit
I'm not really sure I get the plot, but it's probably because this is the kind of high culture that is only taught in the AP classes at Starfleet Academy.

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Kyle said...

Just looking for a convenient spot to drop this nugget of wisdom from the NYT:

Most restaurants have been hit hard by rising ingredient costs, as have consumers at the grocery store. The cost of grocery store food increased about 5 percent in the last year, with nearly every type of food going up except for a few items like oranges, bacon and lettuce.