Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Here is a quiz for you, dear readers. You may think of it as a poll but with less work required to participate.

1.) On a scale of "1" to "I wish I was dead", how fucked up is this couch:

a) 2
b) cabbage
c) where did you put the rest of the internet? I want to go there instead.
d) eyeball gouge
f) I ate paste

2.) This couch is better than the tiger couch (T/F):a) True - I love cross-eyed, hump-backed, scary-ass dog couches. With chains.
b) False - I wish I was dead. Or whoever made this couch was dead. Dead before they made this couch.
c) Ice cream

3. With the option of a $400k, 30-year-fixed loan at 5.75% with 0 points or 5.5% with 0.965 points ($3860), considering that the tax deduction on points only applies in the first year of the loan as opposed to the perpetual tax deduction on the additional interest from the higher rate, and the alternate savings rate is currently only around 3% but with possible upward movement even over a short time-horizon, at what point do the benefits of the lower rate outweigh the initial cash outlay required to purchase the points (assuming a 28% tax bracket)?

a) True
b) Do you think they have a polar bear couch? Or a buffalo couch?
c) chk chk chk chk [tank motion] chk chk chk chk
d) 4.168 years
e) Half-man on a skateboard

Answers will be posted at a later date, but feel free to leave your ideas in the comments.


noisy penguin said...

I thought photo #2 was some sort of panther.

Ian said...

I think Noisy Penguin is right, since dogs don't normally have whiskers. But if so, then why would you put a chain around a panther? I feel there's both a very short and simple answer, and a very long and complicated answer...

Courtney said...

Actually dogs do have whiskers. They just arent as pronounced as Cats. I just dont think they use them like Cats do.

Grant said...

You know, to me they look like dogs, but I guess panthers would make more sense contextually with the tiger, but then why the chain leashes? Woah, this is hard.

Or maybe they are HALF PANTHER HALF DOG HOLY CRAP WE'RE SCREWED NOW. No chains can hold that shit.