Friday, June 13, 2008

[anticipation] Bacon Links! [excited murmuring]

Guess what time it is? [Answer: 1:06 pm. Also: BACON LINK TIME!]

My friend Vik had a great bacon link in his gmail status line, and it reminded me that I have been letting exciting insights into the world of bacon pile up for too long. It is time to unleash them.

Bacon Good For You (thanks Vikram!)
Thick-sliced bacon taste test
Bacon Flowchart
Bacon Manifesto, alas, not as cool as its name would suggest (thanks Vik!)
Sex & Bacon Q&A (thanks Tricia!!)
Bacon is God's Currency (thanks Ian!)
Awesome bacon t-shirt (thanks Kyle!)
How to sculpt bacon fat
Pictures of Bacon for Karen
Bacon wrapped asparagus
Bacon Zen and Leftover Bacon Zen
Bacon and eggs are now glued to a single platform of cold, withered bread.
Awesome headline, disappointing article
Whopper with SIXTY slices of bacon!!
Bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños
Mr Baconhead Ha hahaha ha ha
Disturbing meat clown face
Tonight, justice will smell delicious

Photo from Flickr user mybloodyself

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Zach said...

Don't forget bacon doodles: