Thursday, June 5, 2008


Evidently some people don't understand the concept of this exciting new *Sigh* feature.


Also, Serious Eats' Photo of the Day is Penguin Dumplings!! Ha ha ha EEEWWWW ha ha ha! Gross!

Oh... it turns out they are just regular dumplings that look like penguins.



Courtney said...

i am more confused than ever. And I stand by the awesomeness of the hamster shoving stuff in its mouth. especially that last carrot. He just cant get it in, so he eats it! I wish i had large cheeks in which to store stuff.

Grant said...

Do I really have to explain my disappointment that a "Hamster Vacuum" refers to an actual hamster? Geez.

Since you are failing at the *SIGH* game, maybe we should find you some string or something shiny to entertain you with.

Although I have to agree that storing stuff in my cheeks would be pretty great. For example, you could rob a bank and if you got caught you could hide the money in your giant cheeks! They'd never think to look there! Although then you would have to be careful not to say "thanks officers" when they release you or you might spit stolen money all over them. Also good for all-you-can-eat pizza buffets!