Tuesday, June 10, 2008

[cheering] BANANA LINKS [obstinate silence]

You are probably thinking, "Whaaaaaa?! Did I come to the right blog? I must have typed 'ban-log' on accident." Nope. Tomorrow, perhaps, I will massage your mind with a sensual selection of salty bacon links. Today: Banana Links.

Bananas are proof that God exists
Banana wall
Banana Holder
Hilarious banana prank not universally hilarious.
Banana machine gun
Why banana taste funny?
Meat banana
Banana guard- "The original banana protector"
How bananas are like traffic lights
You're doing it wrong
Banana bike!
Weird banana art
Bananas in Pyjamas
Old woman lip-syncing the Chiquita Banana song
Curved yellow fruit - 40c
Banana cell phone holder!
Banana phone used with awesome acting skill

Photo from Flickr User Pragmagraphr

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