Friday, August 1, 2008

awkward bacon

My friend Faye just sent me this awesome story [tastefully subtle emphasis mine]:
I was going to break my blog-virginity and post my bacon news as a comment of the greatest blog EVER, but you are slacking a bit on the bacon-themed blogs as of late, and I didn't want to get lost in the oblivion that is past comments on past blogs. So anyways, to my point. While I was in Boston on Sunday night (I wasn't even supposed to be in Boston - I ended up there after a broken down car, towage, irish friend with a horrific sun burn, leaving vacation early, car accident, failed attempt at flea marketing, crashing on a couch to catch a bus from boston... so it was a long series of coincidences that led me to learning this). Anyways... I ramble and am still drinking my coffee. So, my friend's roommate and I somehow got on the discussion of bacon/sex/sign language, and I learned how to say both 'awkward' and 'bacon' in sign language. As you would think, the word awkward in really awkward to sign, but when you sign the phrase Awkward Bacon - well it's amazing. Here: Awkward Bacon. So after he and his friends figured out the amazingness of signing awkward bacon they decided it needed to be a meaningful phrase. They then determined that awkward bacon refers to that horrible hour or so after you wake up next to a one night stand or some other kind of drunken sex, and all you really want to do is go home and shower a few times but instead you are forced to pull through for a 'let's go out to breakfast before you leave' outing. that breakfast is awkward bacon.
This story is great-- the prodigious use of "anyways", the rambling tone, leaving the reader wanting good. Also, the signs truly are amazing, especially back-to-back. I don't have any video editing software at work, but I'm thinking that at some point putting these videos back-to-back, looping them, and adding an awkward soundtrack will be awesome. Here is an AVI file of the two videos spliced, but it needs some serious polish before we can begin using it to train for Awkward Bacon Dance Party 2008.

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Vikram said...

That story reminds my of something Grampa from the Simpsons would tell...