Friday, August 8, 2008

the "haco"

Historically, when a person is impatiently waiting for bacon taco shells to cook in the oven, and has a glorious array of delicious ingredients laid before them, and has had a few beers and Odwalla pomegranate limeades, there is about a 75% chance that that person is going to invent some sort of new food. I would venture to guess that roughly 80% of the foods we commonly eat were developed under these conditions (including 100% of all Taco Bell products). Since we are talking statistics here, I should point out that these foods are awesomely ridiculous ONE MILLION PERCENT of the time (up from 95% prior to Wednesday).

Dear sirs, please find enclosed (1) photograph documenting the creation of the new food known as the "hand taco" [or haco].

It cannot be doubted that millions of people have thought, "this taco is pretty great, but what would make it EVEN BETTER is if all of this crap was directly in my hand instead." Thanks to the legendary visionaries Vikram and BRG, the Architects Of Haco Greatness, the world can finally shed the restrictive shackles of shelldom and freely explore exciting new wells of untapped potential hitherto closed to those without bits of lettuce, feta, and chorizo on their hands, who then go and touch all my stuff.

In case you are interested, here is a closeup shot of BRG's haco containing lettuce, scrambled egg, basil, seasoned ground lamb, sundried tomato and grilled onion immediately prior to the installation of greek yogurt, feta, and olives:

ALSO, we made bacos, and they kicked ass. More about that later, but as a teaser behold these select reaction shots:

That is the post-baco glow everyone talks about and tries vainly to replicate with expensive personal care products. That is contentment.


noisy penguin said...

The haco looks an awful lot like something George threw up a few days ago.

S.A.M. said...

almost makes me want to eat meat...

or wash my hands?

Courtney said...

Grant has already gotten the brunt of it... but I'm pretty mad at all of you right now. Get a webcam people!!!