Wednesday, August 13, 2008

who's with me?

Hey, remember when I used to write nice, short, neatly-structured posts? (If so, that means that was not just a dream I had! Unless, of course, we had the same dream... CREEPY!)

Speaking of creepy, what do people think of this picture that I modded up:

Personally, I just can't stop laughing. Is this wrong? Maybe I should lay off the candy canes and coffee for a while.

Anyway, I made an exciting NEW POLL on the sidebar that you should vote on (yes, that means you actually have to visit the blog, all you Google Reader users).


Ian said...

A very fine return to form. Not that I haven't been appreciating the hyper-meta-intertextual novellas...I mean "posts"'ve been doing recently!

Hillary said...

hillarious!! nearly choked on my beer.

Andy said...

Grant, I really really like this picture. I wish I had made it. I want to use it somehow in my life.