Tuesday, August 5, 2008


From the brilliant xkcd:

This comic reminded me of this amazing video which documents google search query results for "biggest regret":

This video is a perfect representation of the class of ideas I like to call "Well, Crap, I'm Never Going To Top THAT One" Ideas. (Much like this t-shirt.) *Sigh*. Because the idea is regret-themed, my regret at not thinking of this first might seem sort of like a meta-regret, but I think meta-regret would require me to regret regretting something, which is not exactly the case. I think what we are looking at here is a pseudo-meta-regret, which is awesome because it fills a square in my latest match of Abstract Construct Solitaire BINGO. (The next square I need involves inventing a situation that would contextualize the concept of "post-handedness").

In case you are wondering, my biggest regret is not realizing that I accidentally stayed late at work today because I had to reset my computer clock in order to illegally extend the license on some expired software. Whoops! [ed note: Zing! I still can't believe that worked! Mwahaha!]

UPDATE: I just realized that the reason I was one hour late by resetting my computer date to 6 months ago is because of daylight savings time! This means that I finally get to reuse my "daylight savings time can suck it" label! Didn't really see that one coming!


S.A.M. said...

that video was so cheeseball. I loved it.

Grant said...

hey, there's nothing cheeseball about "eating 6 tacos". That is pure expression.

Although I have to say the music is a little cheeseball.