Monday, March 17, 2008

birthday retrospective

Here's what I consumed on Saturday, as far as I can remember:

1 tallboy of PBR
handful of pretzels
4 bottles of random beer during X-Treme fantasy baseball draft
pulled pork sandwich
Pint of Bitburger Pilsner
1 tallboy of Rainier
Delicious cake that Courtney made
2 "chocolate cake" shots, which despite people's overwhelming skepticism, really does taste EXACTLY LIKE CHOCOLATE CAKE! And no, I have no idea what's in it, or why it comes with a lemon.
1 shot of tequila (heralding the "downhill" portion of the evening)
2 Irish car bombs (a.k.a Grant's new mortal enemy)
Half of an Irish whiskey which Faye mercifully finished off.

BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. Thanks to everyone who contributed food and drink to my cause. It was a good day (cue Ice Cube's 'It was a good day'). Of course, Sunday was not-so-good of a day (cue me repeatedly moaning 'I wish I was dead'), but I made it through alive thanks to Tricia's Magical Hangover Pancakes.

Also, while I'm pretty sure I remember everything, some events are just now starting to come into focus, like the cab ride home from a dude who couldn't take credit cards (wtf?) so we just gave him the $6 we had and stiffed him the rest (sorry credit-card-machine-less dude! Just so we're clear, that's your bad). But we did accidentally leave him a chunk of wood we were carrying around for some reason (the roving bands of Scandinavians and yuppies in Ballard can be pretty rough, you know) so I figure that counts as tip.

Ahhh, [partial] Memories!

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Tricia said...

I think there was more beer consumed some time in there as you were never really emptyhanded, but thats a pretty good recollection of 12 fantastic hours of drinking! (especially considering certain people were saying a wheelbarrow may be needed to carry you home hehehe)