Monday, March 3, 2008

I am failing at this blogging game

Okay, so on Blogger, which I use because it's free and easy (like me!), the new post composer lets me apply labels to a new blog post, I guess so people can pick and choose what parts of my super-important life work to read first. Next to the entry field for the label, Blogger is kind enough to offer an example of some labels just in case I am confused by this concept. Here is what it provides:

Labels for this post:
e.g. scooters, vacation, fall

ARGH! This example post is so much more awesome than any post I am going to come up with. At first I rationalized this by telling myself that it's not fall, but it kind of is fall on the southern hemisphere. Plus, that was just a weak attempt to gloss over the real issue, which is that I am not on vacation with my scooter gang, cruising through drifts of spectacular rust-hued leaves in a gentle autumn breeze.

I am going to label this post under "complaining about blogger", because I already made that label, and also I'm mad at Blogger for reminding me that my life is so lame.

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