Monday, March 3, 2008


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Metal Wedding Invitations -
Okay, so it turns out this company makes normal wedding invitations, but instead of boring old paper (SO 2oth century) they use metal, presumably because this is classy in some sort of way pulp product can never hope to be.

But man, imagine for a moment that this company makes, like, you know, METAL invitations, with lightning-bolt script and skulls and shit everywhere. And they could be made out of metal too, but with really sharp edges, so you could also use them as ninja stars. As a matter of fact, that is how you would RSVP, by chucking the ninja stars at the return mailbox. That way the caterer or florist or whatever could get an accurate guest count from the safety of their car without having to directly interact with the sort of people who would distribute dangerous weapons to potential wedding guests. Their love is so badass. Best. Wedding. EVAR.

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