Monday, March 10, 2008

NEW FEATURE: Daylight Savings Time can suck it

For some reason this morning I poured myself a giant glass of water for my 10-minute drive to work. I didn't even notice that I had it until I had to balance it on my leftover pastrami benedict (from another successful episode of Sunday Man-brunch) while I fumbled for my keys in my pocket. Now I have a giant glass of water in my car.

Also, on my way to work I forgot how to use my windshield wipers and thus ended up inappropriately signaling for a bunch of left turns that never happened.

Seriously, what's up with Spring Forward? Why can't we just perpetually Fall Back? My time is incredibly valuable (disclaimer: this is a lie). I can't just go losing hours here and there! Evidently this just totally messes me up.

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