Thursday, March 13, 2008

Poll results!!

Wow, so my virgin poll [ed note: That is dirty. Let's start over]

Wow, so my first poll received an unprecedented seven responses, which is roughly infinity times what I had anticipated. And the results show that we have a mandate on ground-score nachos being nutritious as opposed to delicious. I thought this was interesting, so I consulted my 1972 edition of The Joy Of Cooking to shed some light on these unexpected results. Here is what The Joy Of Cooking has to say about nutrition:

To live we must eat. To live in health we must eat intelligently. By whose intelligence? How directed? The intuitions and impulses of the present generation seem, alas, not to be the kind that led our forebears to search for greens each spring. The sensational press releases which follow the discovery of fascinating fresh bits and pieces about human nutrition confuse the layman. And the oversimplified and frequently ill-founded dicta of food faddists can lure us into downright harm.

Ah! I think The Joy of Cooking is trying to tell me, the confused layman, to be wary of my sensational poll-voter's dangerous dicta. Instead I need to send 4 bears to find some greens. This is probably so one can go in each of the cardinal directions, although I hope the Westerly Bear can swim.


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