Tuesday, March 4, 2008

[drumroll] Bacon Links [wild applause]

Today's Bacon Links:
Maple Bacon Cupcakes (thanks Laurel!)
Seduced By Bacon (thanks Bethany!)
Serious Eat's Bacon Links
Bacon Not Done Yet (the biggest of props to Kyle)
Bacon Cup
If only I lived in Des Moines and also had a time machine to 3 days ago
Don't Bruise That Pig
Meat Paintings
Bacon Curls, which represent a major technological step toward my dream of bacon straws
Hats of Meat EWWWWWWW
Why do you get up in the morning? (thanks Courtney!)

Okay, so some of those are not explicitly bacon-related, but I feel that they properly represent the spirit of bacon.

Photo from flickr user zoomar

1 comment:

Bethany said...

Hmm. What do you think the little white-cube-man is supposed to be? A marshmallow? A pat of butter? I do like his monocle.