Monday, September 22, 2008

I was getting more bacon

Guess what, gang! [dramatic pause for answer] It's Monday! [awkward silence]

Okay, so this:

What? Is this a reference from a movie or a TV show or a video game or the back of a cereal box or something? I am torn between a desire for understanding at the cost of potential disappointment and the desire to stubbornly remain blissfully confused by such immaculate randomness.

Also, here is a haiku by my friend Laura Kate (with official Bac-Log haiku formatting):


my heart hurts so much
but my belly is smiling
bacon forever

Laura: does this glory come in the mail? Will I be receiving it in an envelope?
Me: glory comes in an envelope sealed with magnificence
Laura: meaning bacon?
Me: if it is bacon-related glory, then yes
Laura: so when I receive my bacon-sealed envelope in the mail, I will know that it is my glory
Me: yes
  but also glory can be distributed straight to your heart
Laura: through more bacon?
Me: hahahaha, yes
Laura: I love bacon


bugeyerita said...

Well, it's Fred of course. I didn't know that Fred was into bacon. I thought he was just a clever ruse to lure fresh meat into the clutches of the zombies. And believe me, the zombies to not take time to cure and salt the bacon.

Anonymous said...

Fred!!! you better tell me if you real!!!

LOL it's from I Am Legend with Will Smith