Monday, September 22, 2008

NEW FEATURE: misuse of blog


Anyone want to go see tonight's Mariners game against the hated division rivals, the Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim California, a game that has absolutely zero impact or importance? I have an extra ticket because Patron Saint has to work late or something.

  • getting to hang out with Me, BRG, and Rachel
  • awesome seats right behind the visitor's dugout, so we can yell stuff at the opposing players
  • you will get to learn all about our fantasy baseball league (exciting!!) because BRG and I are duking it out for the top spot, and also the starting pitcher for the Angels is on my team.
  • Because of this you will probably learn all sorts of new words and phrases that you can feel free to use at home and work.
  • free!
  • how about you read the Pros again. THERE ARE NO CONS HERE
Let me know! Game starts at 7. We will be pre-drinking at Hooverville. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!! [hint: this is true]

UPDATE: File this under "Pros": I will also regale you with the scintillating tale of the real-life hobo that I met on Saturday while he was looking for the trainyard! [disclaimer: Vik, Kyle S, and Lisa were not nearly as impressed by this tale as I thought they should be, but maybe it's because they were just jealous]

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Kyle said...

Hey, I was totally impressed. Mostly because he referenced hobo tags. And that you didn't get thrown off the bridge.