Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday is WTF day

In addition to needing gentle, soothing comfort for the What's The Baby Using thing, can someone help me out with this one:

I have been driving past this sign by my work for over a month now. I keep thinking that at some point I will figure it out, but maybe it is time to give up and admit I might just not be capable of basic billboard comprehension.

HEY GOLDFISH: Maybe you shouldn't worry so much about aggressive baserunning in this metaphorical baseball game and worry more about WHY YOU DON'T MAKE ANY SENSE. Also, so if the third base coach is the aquarium, what is the first base coach in this metaphor? Or, um, the manager. Or, um, scoring.

Maybe I could work for the Aquarium as a billboard consultant. Here is my resume:

Dear Seattle Aquarium:

Please send my checks ASAP. My student loans from University of YouMakeMyBrainSore are not cheap.

Love you always, Grant.


noisy penguin said...

That goldfish like, totally wants to go to hang out with his other fish friends at the acquarium and that's like his home, but the acquarium won't wave him home because he's only a goldfish, and goldfish are boring, not like all the other fish at the acquarium, some of which would probably eat you if they were given the chance.

Pretend it's a few years from now and the Mariners are a good baseball team, and Carlos Silva wants to come hang out with them, and he's all "Hey guys, remember when I pitched for you? Can I come to the clubhouse again?" If the Mariners were smart like the acquarium, they would not let Carlos Silva and his boring pitching come to their clubhouse because it would make the Mariners LOSERS and the acquarium doesn't want to be LOSERS like the Mariners.

In the story above, just in case it wasn't clear, Carlos Silva is like the goldfish. Infecting the clubhouse with boring.

Grant said...

But wait, the Aquarium is the third base coach- so are the other fish in the third-base coach? So then why doesn't the goldfish want to go in the third-base coach (eww)? It sounds like it wants to go "home" (which I don't know what that is in this metaphor), but the third base coach is worried he will get thrown out, maybe because some of the opposing fish have really good throwing skills, and the aquarium does not want to have the goldfish get thrown out during what might be a critical rally in the "game", which I also don't really understand in this metaphor.

bugeyerita said...

WTF day is right, goldfish, babies, plumbing disasters. I am very confused. Forget what babies are using,they grow out of it anyway. I will be using
(13x2)+(25-10)or better yet 666. Yes that is just perfect. AH HAHAHA

S.A.M. said...

I almost hyperventilated at work again grant. And its all your fault. Perhaps I shouldn't had read the bathroom posting and then the fish posting...