Sunday, September 7, 2008


This week's quiz is a special survival skillz essay quiz. Bac-Log is all about being prepared.

Responses should be 100-250 words. NO CHEATING, OK!


Andy said...

What situation?

Grant said...

You're about 98 words short, but I like the confidence. Bac-Log is all about confidence. Or is that arrogance? Crap, I forgot. Also, Bac-Log is all about forgetting stuff.

Courtney said...


bugeyerita said...

Well, once I was able to look at the photo without snorting things out my nose, wetting my pants, or falling off my chair, I realized what this is: A deviant,disgusting all be it brilliant solution to Kyo Sohma's problem.

His non-Zodiac cat curse means that he turns into a cat whenever embraced by the opposite sex. Well,obviously this plays havoc with his love life.

Think about it, the cute kittens lure the females but they cannot put their arms around him without squishing the cats so he get lots of petting with out the embracing part.

Now that you know this and really think about it, it is sick, it is perverted but it will get Kyo what he wants.

No,I could not possibily make this up. Kyo is one of the Fruits Basket manga characters. Working in a library really does send you down some strange roads.